Pain O Soma 350, 500 Mg Tablet with Treatment of Pain

Pain O Soma 350, 500 Mg tablet is a prescription medicine that relieves muscle pain and leads to short term treatment of acute neck and lower back pain. It acts as muscle relaxant and alleviate moderate pain and discomfort which occurs after injury or surgery.  The tablet gives relief from muscle spasms, sprains, strains and leads to issues with body pains in shorter period. The tablet should be taken with a prescription and consultation with a Doctor only. It contains FDA approved medicine that acts fast and lets you feel gentle on the stomach. It is one of the most affordable prescription strength medicine and may be used as combination therapy.

Pain O Soma 350, 500 Mg tablet as pain reliever

Pain O Soma 350 Mg tablet contains Carisoprodol and it works as pain reliever medicine. It acts as medical compound and is use as treatment of skeletal muscular pain. It further works by lowering down sensation of pain between nerves and brains. The common dosage of the Pain O Soma (Carisoprodol) is prescribed for 2 to 3 weeks. It is not prescribed with the critical health issues as Porphyria, liver and kidney disease. It is also not use by the person who suffers from heart disease.

Drug indications lead to Pain O Soma 350, 500 Mg tablet

Drug indications lead to Pain O Soma 350, 500 Mg tablet that contains non-narcotic analgesic. It gives relief from acute, painful musculoskeletal conditions with adults. It is not compare with any other muscle relaxants as Pain O Soma 350, 500 Mg tablet is not habit forming disease and is safe for liver. It may also relieve stiffness and helps with good night sleep.

How to administer dosage of this drug?

The dosage of Pain O Soma 500 Mg tablet leads to short term relief with acute and chronic pain that is of 250 mg to 350 mg per day. It comes as the most possible pain relief from Carisoprodol and should be taken with the amount as Doctor’s prescription. The drug is not for use as more than 10 days and should be taken only with the instruction by Doctor.

Side effects of Pain O Soma 350, 500 Mg tablet

Side effects are facial flushing, drowsiness, dizziness, tremor, agitation, irritability, headache, depressive reactions. It may also cause insomnia, seizures.   

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