Causes of anxiety

Causes of anxiety

Cause of Anxiety is the most common symptom these days in almost every household. People got anxious for many reasons and that can be seen easily on their faces. Anxiety may happen due to stress, chaotic condition or any other situation which may happen due to dangerous circumstances. The anxiety may also be response to uncertainty and danger and the trigger may happen due to anything in particular. It adds with vague sense of dread, misfortune. People may feel anxious due to neural circuitry as it may perceive threat when actually it does not exist.

Here are the medicines that relieve with common symptoms of stress. The consultation of doctor is needed before intake of medicines. The medicines are  Alko 1 mg, Ativan 2MG (Lorazepam), Clonazepam 2Mg (Klonopin), Ambien 10mg Tablet. These medicines are tried and tested and give favorable results to fight against issues of stress.

Some of the causes of anxiety that are common with every person are describe here:

Stress is the common reason Cause of Anxiety:

Stress is one of the most common factor. It leads to stress with neutral features which occurs with specific part of the brain. It may create fearful and threatening stimuli that may further lead to anxiety.

Genetic factors:

If someone on the family has anxiety disorder it may let greater risk of developing it with another person. The various social and economic factors also play certain role. It adds with growing evidence and suggest as generic features that might also contribute to stress.

Personality disorder:

Some of the personality disorder may also lead to greater form of stress. With greater risk of developing such disorder may be due to facing difficult situation, criticism or lot of negative thoughts. It may happen with young adults and for those who develop panic disorder. It may further lead to agoraphobia, major depressive disorder and generalize anxiety disorder.


Trauma is one of the important reasons for the person to get into stress. It happens due to past traumatic event or any recent past involvement which may lead to abuse. It may lead to acute distress disorder or (ASD). With ongoing symptoms it may lead to another major complication which is known to be post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The symptoms start within 3 months of any horrific events and it may appear for many moths. The trauma may include bad dreams, flashbacks, difficulty in sleeping. It may also lead to feeling constantly on edge, angry outbursts and avoiding places or situations that may trigger stress symptoms.

Sexual abuse:

Sexual abuse may happen to female and are common symptoms of Cause of Anxiety. It may lead to experience anxiety and develop severe anxiety disorders. It may happen more with female as compare to males. The common issues with the sexual abuse that may lead to stress are panic disorder, generalize anxiety disorders, phobias, separation anxiety.   

Male and female may get prone to social anxiety disorder (SAD) and Obsessive Compulsive disorder (OCD). The reason may happen due to combination of social, cultural and biological factors. 

Causes of anxiety
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Causes of anxiety
Causes of anxiety is the most common symptom these days in almost every household. People got anxious for many reasons and that can be seen easily on their faces.
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